Wireless Business Software Features    2014

Who is using your wireless system?

Is your wireless system unsecured, leaving you, and your data at risk?

Do you want to find out who is using your bandwidth, at your expense?

 See how easy it is to use your wireless system, without paying a cent.

 Need to know how to secure your wireless system?

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In today's business climate Businesses need pragmatic help and advice

 If you don't know how the customer is going to evaluate your tender response, then should you even be bidding?

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 Using a simple Business Process Toolkit makes it easy to set up processes that work for you and your team.

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 Do you need Small Business Accounting Software that makes your cash flow a lot easier and is easy on the pocket?

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Looking for simple acceptable use polices that are not complicated and easy to deploy?

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Software Compliance is Not Easy for any business

 Do you need to know what is installed on your systems, fast and in a hurry?

 There is no need to boil the ocean, take a simple pragmatic view to detect what is installed!

 Contact us to find out how you can generate detailed software, hardware and licensing information from remote PCs within seconds.


 Our articles  cover

 PC Profile 2014 Predictions

 Choosing a screen LED or LCD?

 Software Piracy

 Wireless Systems

 Management Practices

 Impact of Audits

 Business Processes

 Acceptable Use Policies

Open Source Software

Intellectual Property

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  Generate inventory details for software, hardware and licensing information from remote PCs within seconds.
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