Amazingly simple small business accounting program for non-accountants
The Simplest Small Business Accounting Software on the Planet!

Cashflow Manager

Product Review

Small Business Owners: If you struggle when it comes to the accounting functions of your business, don't despair - the answer is here!

'Cashflow Manager' has been described as 'breathtakingly simple' and it's easy to see why.


Unlike the more complicated accounting packages on the market, Cashflow Manager uses a simple column format for recording your financial transactions. For example, when you make a payment, you simply record who you paid the money to, the amount, and then put it in the column for that category of payment.

It is as simple as that.

You don’t need to know anything about accounting. And unlike other programs, your information doesn't disappear into the black hole of the computer once you have recorded it. Everything is right there on the screen for you or your accountant to review.

The program comes complete with a full, no questions asked 90 day money back guarantee... it couldn’t be simpler.


Here are some of the features...

Cashflow Manager's unique column format makes it very simple to record money in and money out.

You do not need to know anything about accounting, plus you can see exactly what you received or spent money on at a glance. And you don’t need to attend long, expensive training courses to learn how to use the program.

If you are registered for GST... GST automatically calculates and reports the for you.

Recording GST is very easy and your Business Activity Statement is just a matter of printing the report to get all the details.

Customising Cashflow Manager for your needs is very simple with a wizard that walks you through each step.

It takes just minutes to get up and running and using the program.

The ‘business templates’ automatically establish columns for your type of business

Including General Business, Direct Sales (including Network Marketing), Associations & Clubs, Farmers, Medical Practice, Professional, Trade and even Home and Personal. You can then easily add your own columns or delete those you don’t need so personalizing the columns for your business is a breeze. By using the template most appropriate to your business, it takes just a few minutes to personalize the program for you. (By the way, you can even use Cashflow Manager to control your home finances.)

A simple 'wizard' makes checking your records to your bank amazingly simple.

Making sure your records match to your bank gives confidence that your records are correct ... and yet it is the task that many people find most daunting. Cashflow Manager's simple wizard saves time and frustration in this important process.

Comprehensive reports explain your business transactions and results.

You can see and understand exactly how your business is going, and preparing your taxes is a breeze.

Comprehensive, easy to follow Help walks you through each process.

This answers any queries you might have in using the program to give you peace of mind.

The Monthly Summary Report gives a picture of your monthly money in and money out.

This gives you a summarized picture of where you money has come from, and where it has gone on a month-by-month basis. This is fantastic information to help you plan for the future.

Try the simplest small business accounting program on the planet!

Cashflow Manager is designed for PC computers running Windows XP to Windows 7.

Our verdict of this program: Cashflow Manager is the program that most small business owners should be using. You will save yourself time and money because it really is as simple as 1-2-3.

And with a 90 day money back guarantee (try getting that with another program) you owe it to yourself to at least give it a try.


Try the simplest small business accounting program on the planet!

Some noteable quotes -

Cashflow Manager is very practical, it’s beneficial to the business and such an easy program - you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to use it!”


“Cashflow Manager gives us a good overall look at how our business is operating and enables us to keep a constant eye on cash flow”


"The programs are so easy, so logical and straightforward, that I picked them up in no time without any training at all. You wouldn’t believe how much time and money the software has saved us!”


“There is no other software on the market that we know of, that is so simple to use, so cost effective or that gives you all the information you need at any time, just by the click of a mouse!”









The Simplest Small Business Accounting Software on the Planet!