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PCProfile’s suggestions  for 2 key items for the new Microsoft CEO to take on board in 2014

New CEO in 2014, new direction. It's time for change!

We urge the new Microsoft CEO in 2014 provide the following two key items across all software applications;

1.       simplified license conditions for all software licenses;

        a.       with a clear statement of obligation, right up-front, that identifies the audit verification requirement for true-ups and proof of purchase requirements

        b.      formal written notification, prior to installation, of variations to any of the software license conditions

        c.       no embedded hyperlinks to web site pages containing conditions that can change without notification

2.       A validated software inventory that provides;

        a.       a complete manifest of all files on installation as the baseline configuration state

        b.      an exception report tool identifying what has changed since the initial baseline by date of installation

Why have we chosen the above 2 key items?

The cost of managing software licenses is disproportionately high and needs to be lowered

Ever since the introduction of PCs in 1991 the cost of managing software license and software installations has been growing to the stage where it is now a significant overhead cost burden on small, medium and large business organizations, and government and non government/not for profit organizations, worldwide.

Over the last 23 years Microsoft has failed to put in place simple measures to keep the cost of managing software licenses and installations low for end-user customer sites.

The cost to businesses of software tools and specialist staff to manage, what is in reality an unmanageable position, is a significant cost that businesses can no longer afford. Software compliance is not their reason for being in business, they have other goals and objectives!

PCProfile, in conjunction with our customer’s, do not believe that businesses should have to incur this cost burden to the extent that they are now, due to the manner in which software is currently licensed, and installed.

Why are these costs high, and why are they unnecessary?

The manner in which software is currently licensed, and installed, makes little or no attempt at providing information that is both useable and manageable by end user customers, when it comes to managing what is installed and the licenses that apply.

As a result, costs are being incurred, we believe unnecessarily, due to several key issues;

·         the failure of the software industry to accurately identify what has been installed from initial installation

·         the failure of the software industry to clearly detail up-front at the start of each software license agreement what audit/verification requirements apply and what conditions will satisfy proof or purchase/installation

·         the failure of the software industry to provide tools, specific to their own range of applications, that clearly indicate the changes that have occurred since installation both to the software installed and the terms and conditions in software licenses. Only the software vendor that supplied the application can do that with ease and accuracy.

It's time that Microsoft took the lead and set the example globally and help organizations lower their costs of software license compliance.

Microsoft can easily set the lead and others will follow.

It's really simple, Microsoft can provide the tools and clean up the licenses, and businesses will clean up their in-house management as well.

The benefits are enormous, lowering the cost of managing software licenses within business and the software vendors being assured of less likelihood of violations of license conditions.

How can you make the Software Vendors Accountable?

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