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"When, (not if) you receive an on-demand audit letter from software vendors such as Microsoft, Adobe, AutoCAD, or the BSA or SIIA, FAST, then you will need a fast software inventory tool that will create the initial base data needed to satisfy the audit request.

The audit
will be looking for details of what you have installed across the organization, plus the other vital information needed to satisfy the “proof of purchase” information.
It’s 2012 and for the last few years we have been continually hearing of Exec level management who are demanding fast and accurate answers when it comes to the key question which will be asked when an on-demand audit letter is received – What is installed on our PC based systems?

Most places don’t know how many computers they have, where they are located and more importantly, what software is installed on their systems.
PCProfile Software Registry tool is small, fast simple and easy to use and can establish a baseline of what software is installed very quickly. No look-up software identification libraries or annual maintenance is required. The software inventory is FREE.

The summary report is low cost, if required.

Clik here to download the Free PCProfile Software Registry  

We have been assisting sites to create an initial Software Inventory that is needed in the event of;
• either, an on-demand audit by a software vendor / or industry player (BSA, SIIA, CAAST, FAST); or
• commencement of a SAM / ITAM activity.

The PCProfile Software Registry tool gathers the initial data directly from the Software Registry and in most cases this should be more than adequate to satisfy any software vendor audit, based on “what has been installed”.

It’s also a good starting off point to clean up your act before you embark on a SAM/ITAM program.
If you haven’t established and stabilised your inventory then you will forever be chasing your tail and wasting money and resources.

In today’s fast paced business climate, we know that your core business is NOT software compliance audit and monitoring of software.

This is NOT the reason you operate and run a business. Your senior management and stakeholders have other objectives (growing the business and making a profit) that we know you need to meet.

Until such time as you sort out the software inventory, then undertaking a SAM program is a waste of time.

We know that SAM vendors conduct a software inventory as part of their suite, but rolling these into play is not an overnight affair, it can be a big investment up front, takes time, training and configuration. You may not have the time to do this if you have a sudden-death audit letter to answer!


In the time that it has taken to read to this point did you realize that you could have audited around 250 PC’s and summarized the data ready for an enterprise wide view of what the software inventory position is for your organization? In simple terms, the time to audit (gather the raw data) and then consolidate into the Summary is directly proportional to the number of software applications installed, and the volumes of text files (numbers of PCs) .

This is the easy part, the hard yards are yet to be done by gathering the “proof of purchase” details.
Free Software Registry Tool

PC Profile offers a FREE Software Inventory tool based on gathering data directly from the Software Registry. It's very small, needs no user manual, no installation, no training and is very fast!

The results of the Software Inventory tool audit can be summarized and returned to you as a Software Inventory Report that is pre-formatted ready to use as a Proof of Purchase Compliance Register for a fee of $US 95  
See a sample Software Inventory summary report of 25 PCs.

Have you received an audit letter from the BSA? 

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