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Microsoft Stealth Updates
These aren't the real issues you
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Record Fine Paid!
Is the BSA $US 1m Reward Scheme
starting to have an impact?
How Dumb Is This?
What The Font?
Just in case you don't have enough
to worry about with software licensing.
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Microsoft Patches
Do you want to know what
Updates have been applied by Microsoft?
Google Apps
Make Sure You Read the Fine Print before
making a Career Limiting Move
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Microsoft Software Inventory Analyser (MSIA)    
doesn't give you the full picture!

Rewards On Offer

We don't agree with the reward system as we think it generates false results BUT you need to be aware of what's happening!

New - 4 Steps to "Changing Compliance Attitudes" 

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Hasta La Vista

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The Risk of Old PCs

 Anton Pillar Raids what they mean to your assets
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  Who Else Is Responsible for Software Piracy?
  Are you wasting your time?
  George W Bush joins the program!  
  Who was "caught in the act"!  
  Raze The Jolly Roger
  No Budget for Audit Software?
  FTA on Software Copyright
  Web Based Audits present risks
  Governance - another view!
Trouble Managing e-mail?
  PC Risk Management
  Managing Compliance


www.accessanalytic.com.au/services_excel_prevent.php    "52 Easy Ways to 
Prevent Spreadsheet Problems" by Jeff Robson
http://www.eusprig.org/hdykysir.pdf How do you know your spreadsheet is right? 
More than fifty principles, techniques and practice of spreadsheet style by Philip L. Bewig.


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