PC Profile DiscoveryNewsflash 2008

AUDIT Baseline and AUDIT Server, Software Compliance Auditors Toolkit
 have now been retired after over 10 years continuous service!

PC Profile Discovery Audit will gather the initial PC Audit data you need LESS THAN 60 seconds (or faster depending on what is loaded on your system). It doesn't send data over the www to some offshore site, it doesn't lockup the results files in encrypted format, and it doesn't rely solely on the registry to gather information as the registry is totally unreliable if you are looking to protect yourself in a piracy raid!

The product previously listed at this page has been replaced by PC Profile Discovery Audit, it is small, it's fast and efficient and requires no updates, or annual maintenance, no user manual to operate and no installation. Other audit tools come with a 180 pound gorilla sized user manual, and have an install size of up to 60 to 80MB in size and require specialist staff to operate. This all costs additional time and energy and if the BSA anti-piracy police are on your doorstep, then you don't have that time to waste in extracting the core information that you need to match up to software license information and proof of purchase records!

Proof Of Purchase www.pcprofile.com/Proof_Of_Purchase_Really_Means.pdf  is an important "next step" no matter which audit tool you use, that many overlook!.
Check it out for yourself, it will cost you LESS than any 1 hour hour of any consultants time to try it out.
Use it to test how accurate your existing audit result are................, you might get a surprise!
PCProfile Discovery Audit
If you are currently using audit tools that rely on specialist staff, rely on the registry, and are relying on library updates, as well as paying annual maintenance of between 15% and 20% of the original license fee for software identification library updates then you are wasting money, that can be better spent elsewhere!

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